How often do you focus on the present moment? How often on the past or the future? Did you know that all real power exists in the current moment because our lives are always unfolding in the present?

So being present is about bringing your body, mind, and spirit into full alignment with what is actually happening at this exact moment in time.  While you may make visits to your past to remember events or ideas, your mind doesn’t live there.  Equally, while you may consider and dream about the future, you don’t do so to avoid the present.

What role does your ego play in all this?  Well, your ego is generally concerned with keeping the past alive since it holds your personal identity.  It is also concerned with being sure the future will happen because the ego holds that you still have to “become”  or somehow experience life fulfillment.

Each of us has a “story line” which is derived from our life events.  Your story will tell you that you are not enough and usually perpetuates the need for striving while it most often lacks a view of yourself as divine consciousness.  The story often separates you from the idea that you are a “whole” and worthy being.  Your ego will not want you to give up your drama.

The key is not to let your story limit your life–not to let your perceptions about who and what you are based on your history to stifle your real living and personal growth.

One way to keep your “story” in check is to learn to hold a witness viewpoint and to be able to rise above your life circumstances and look at the bigger picture of it all.  With this added view, you are then able to look at your reactionary behavioral patterns and make new choices about how you are being in your world.  And most important, how you are being in this present moment.

The act of forgiving both yourself and others will also free you from the past while honoring your current life as “enough” will help you accept each moment as the gift that it truly is.




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