At varying times in our lives, we encounter life passages. I’m not convinced there is a specific age associated with this time in our lives as much as a state of consciousness as related to our circumstances.

When we arrive at a place in our psychological/spiritual development in which we begin to feel that our outer world may not be supporting our inner world, this causes us to pay attention and make changes.

During these passages, certain feelings may arise:

  • we may feel unfulfilled or bored;
  • we may find that we have unrealistic expectations;
  • we may have an overly negative attitude;
  • we may feel uninterested in our life situation;
  • we may have work or family difficulties that were not expected.

It is at these times that we are often ready for change or what has been termed a “rebirth.” Our old compasses may no longer work and the new compass needs to be held differently. It may be a time to revisit our intentions and goals in order to course correct.

Also, throughout our lifetime, we must recognize that things cannot stay the same. Part of life involves change and growth. How else are we to learn?

So we can ask ourselves some questions:

  • “How might I see or participate in my current circumstances differently?”
  • “What am I avoiding feeling or doing and how might I embrace this?”
  • “Am I willing to change, and if so, how?”
  • “What have I not yet ‘become’ and am I willing to embrace this now?”
  • What plan might I create for myself and how can I take my first step?”

As we then embrace this time, instead of resisting the feelings and circumstances, we can see it as a twist or turn on life’s path that takes us into new realms that can further our life lessons.

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