When we are overwhelmed, it is difficult in that moment not to get caught in the minutia of life.  Whatever is going on seems to BECOME our life–the whole of it.  Our emotional response can be out of proportion to the events that are occurring.

It is important to be able to step back at any given time and take a “sacred view” of what is going on.

You can ask yourself:

–From a larger perspective, how does this problem or issue factor in to my whole life?

–Are my feelings and response to this situation appropriate given the meaning of the situation in regard to my life?

–How can I be “in this world but not of it”–in other words, participate in it but not be caught in the drama?

–Will I remember this on my deathbed?

When you are caught in a dramatic or fearful moment, take a breath, and remember to hold “a sacred view”!  It will make those difficult times far easier.

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