Imagining your best possible self can be a powerful and positive catalyst for change.  You can do this through active visualization or meditation, not unlike one would daydream the best possible future life scenario.

This activity of positive visualization simply involves imagining yourself in the future in the best possible circumstances after everything has gone as well as it can. You see yourself happy and peaceful, having realized your desires and accomplished your potential. You simply focus on the best possible way that things might turn out in life.

Instead of focusing in your visualization on WHO else is with you or WHERE you are exactly, keep your focus on the most positive and peaceful feeling state you can imagine for yourself.  In fact, often we do not know the details of what will bring us the greatest state of peace and happiness.

Researchers and psychologists have found that imagining or writing about your “best possible self” can create healthy emotions, increase your positive outlook, and fortify you to meet any challenges.  In addition, it also changes the expectations you have of yourself, allowing you to release old limiting beliefs and break free of constraints.

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